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All-In-One Checkers


Checkersland is a free program that supports more than 30 kinds of checkers. A very strong artificial intelligence, good-looking interface and a lot of useful settings for playing hot-seat with another opponent or on your phone against the AI. Don't miss this game!* Supported kinds of checkers: 80-cellular, Armenian, Brazilian/German, Canadian, checkers/American, corners (12 draughts), corners (9 draughts), croda, crowded, Czech, diagonal, Filipino, give-away, gothic, Greek, international/Polish, Italian, laska, lika, Malaysian/Singaporean, pool, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, sparse, Sri Lankian, stavropol, Thai, towers, towers give-away, and Turkish* Two-player mode* Improved AI and 7 levels of difficulty from novice to professional* The game supports more than 10 languages* Beautiful interface and several board skins: wood, marble and leather* The game looks great on all devices: on small screens there is only necessary information and the board is as large as possible, on large screens and tablets high-resolution images are used* Fluid animation with animation speed setting* Moves selection is possible by touching and dragging* Undo and redo move are supported* Current game is always stored, therefore you can continue it at any time* Sounds are available and can be turned off* Additional useful settings: possible move highlighting, quick move selection, disable screen dimming or deny screen auto-rotation* On multi-core devices the AI uses all the cores and makes moves faster* The game is optimized very well and its size is less than 1 megabyte, so it doesn't take up a lot of space on your phone or tablet
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